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reading Casi una Mujer reading over over 2 years
reading Studies in Words reading over almost 3 years


Dates Book Stats  
Dec 3 Who read
Nov 18 To Be Taught, If Fortunate read
Nov 7 Prime Obsession read
Nov 6 Record of a Spaceborn Few read
Oct 20 A Closed and Common Orbit read
Oct 1 The Name of the Rose read
Sep 4 The Nature of Things read
Aug 24 High-Output Management read
Jul 30 The War of Art read
Jun 23 Caddie Woodlawn read
Jun 7 The Oregon Trail: A New American Journey read
May 20 Prairie Fires read
May 1 The Swerve: How the World Became Modern read
Apr 28 Liar's Poker read
Apr 7 Defensive Security Handbook read
Apr 4 The BFG read
Apr 1 Summer of the Monkeys read
Mar 19 The Twenty-one Balloons read
Mar 18 The Wheel on the School read
Mar 8 Tao Te Ching read
Mar 6 Manage Your Day-To-Day read
Mar 6 Island of the Blue Dolphins read
Mar 4 The Borrowers read
Mar 2 One Small Step Can Change Your Life read
Feb 27 Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH read
Feb 26 The Manager's Path read
Feb 24 My Side of the Mountain read
Feb 17 Five Children and It read
Feb 9 Where the Red Fern Grows read
Feb 4 Danny, the Champion of the World read
Jan 15 - Feb 4 Start with why read over 20 days
Feb 2 Histoires à lire le soir read
Jan 30 Half Magic read
Jan 14 Data Science for Business read
Jan 14 The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet read
Jan 9 Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens / Peter and Wendy read